March 31, 2008

Atticus' Theater

Our house on the Zaagmolenstraat in Rotterdam is really wonderful. Before the second world war it was a music store called, 'Tony Steinens Music'. Apparently you could lend gramafoon records for 10 cents a piece and they sold harmonicas for which many a kid back in the 30's would steadfastly save up their allowances. Funny thing, because we moved in here about 3 years ago. Three of us, all musicians. The best damn jam sessions EVER have been in this house! Along with really amazing musical vibes, this house also has a big shop window. This shop window is going to become Atticus' theater. (He desperately needs a place to express himself) I'm gradually going to build a cat-tastic setting with found or free materials and objects. I've made a start and Atticus has too...

1 comment:

Pauline said...

I still haven't seen Atticus' place!
Don't walk there often, but the weather is getting better now! Might have a stroll and maybe meet Atticus :)