April 15, 2008

Ukulele Caravan!

Playin' at the "Houdini's Perspective" Show, April 5th
We, The Uke Box, just got back from the Ukulele Trip of a lifetime! We traveled to New York, Boston and Cape Cod to participate in the Ukulele Caravan and most importantly play at Craig Robertsons' CD Release Party "Houdini's Perspective"! held in Shirley, Massachusettes at the lovely BullRun Restaurant.

Good golly, i can't believe it...We shared the stage with our own ukulele heroes! We also had some wild "traffic-jam sessions" travelin' from city to city with John Kavanagh, Sonic Uke, and Tom Harker.

Also on the Caravan were Patsy Monteleone and his lovely lady Heidi, Robert Wheeler, Greg Hawkes, The Moonlighters, Victoria Vox, and Mark Occhionero...just to mention a few.

As soon as i gather more photographs and video i'll be sure to post them.

A special thanks to Cecily Miller in Boston, Mary Martin of the White Horse Inn in Cape Cod and Jason Tagg in Manhatten for their assistance and generous hospitality.

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