July 14, 2008

See You At The European Ukulele Festival 2008!

The Uke Box is very proud to be performing at the European Ukulele Festival in GroB-Umstad, Germany, 22nd to 24th of August 2008. A weekend full of workshops, fun and some absolutely wonderful performers such as:

Ukulelezaza from Belgium. He's the personification of a ukulele wonderland. Good lordy how that boy can play...lovely. He also has an amazing collection of ukuleles and salt & pepper shakers! And besides that, he's just a swell guy.

And, Bosko and Honey all the way from Australia and probably the most charming & talented ukulele duo you'd ever hope to see. They've been traveling around the world on a ukulele safari...very cool! During their travels they meet up with other ukulele performers and perform a song with them which is filmed and broadcast on the safari. We're really hoping that we get the opportunity to do just such a perform with them. (Geez...that would be a touch with 'ukulele big-time', woohooo!)

Oh, and how could i forget Professor Peter and Doctor Dick also from Holland. I've never seen them perform but i can tell just by lookin' at them that they are big ukulele trouble! Bound to be too much fun.

We're really looking forward to meeting up with all of our ukulele friends & making lots of new ones...See you there!

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