January 2, 2009

Wishing Everyone A Beautiful New Year!

I want to wish all of my readers An Enchanted 2009! Yes, enchanted...why not? May we be imaginative, kind, patient, and joyous. (And, may we never lose our damn keys, burn the hell out of dinner or endeavor upon a DIY project resulting in the evacuation of a whole city block and pending relationship therapy.)

On Febuary the 4th, 2008 i began this blog and i must say that i've really enjoyed it. It's funny though...i can see via my visitors map and my web statistics that quite a few folk from all over the world come and visit my little virtual space. But, i don't know who you are & i'm just dyin' to know! If you have a sec, please introduce yourself. (Click on 'comments' at the end of this post to leave a reply or, even better, go to 'Follow This Blog' in the right hand column and post your photograph!)

I must say that 2008 was a really wonderful year for me. Marko & i performed at some outstanding Ukulele Events such as The Ukulele Rejects Show hosted by Sonic Uke in New York, Craig Robertson's Ukulele Caravan-Houdini Revisited Show and The European Ukulele Festival hosted by RISA in Gross Umstadt, Germany ...Amazing experiences and beautiful folk all along the way. Oh, and the Ukulele Highlight of the year was definately Bosko & Honey's visit to Rotterdam during their Ukulele Safari. We've got the video to prove it! I also embarked on some really fun projects which have taken off quite nicely such as the Ukulele Interventions & The Jumping Flea Market. I'm very much looking forward to developing these projects plus much more in the coming year!

Many many thanks to so many of you who have supported, inspired and delighted me. May the New Year bring us all Great Joy!
Yours Sincerely,

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patsy said...

Hi Shelley! Happy new year to you and Marko. Maybe we'll see each other later in the year at Hollesley, eh?

All the best,