February 11, 2009

The Jamboree is back and it's a Heartbreaker...

Ukulele Jamboree No.5,
The Heartbreak Edition!
Saturday Feb. 14th, Valentines Day
Café de Bel,
Gerard Scholtenstraat 61B
3035 SE Rotterdam

Come feel the Ukulele Love!...
The heartstrings of the ukulele are bound to make you want to Fall in Love, Make Babies and/or Get a Divorce all in one night! Bring your handkerchief and a lawyer.

Ukulele Intervention, A Workshop
for Aspiring Ukulele Players.
Learn to play Heartbreak Hotel
with cool Rock 'n Roll licks!

Open Mic, Surprise Acts, &
Musical Interludes of Love
by your Ukulele Host, The Uke Box

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1 comment:

kalisa said...

Do you take requests? I wonder if you could play Edelweiss (from Sound of Music) on a ukulele? That's the song I used to sing to Elijah when he was a baby.