April 21, 2009

Queens Day Ukulele Jamboree!

Join The Uke Box in Rotterdam on Queens Day the 30th of April at Café de Bel at 4:30pm for The Royal Ukulele Jamboree! Starring: Ukulelezaza, Gerard&Gertrude, Miss Yvonne, Pieter Popster, The Beast from the East & The Big Damn Ukulele Band (50 Men&Women Strong!) with guest appearances by Rieny & Louis Windzak (The Dutch Ottis Redding!) This is going to be gooooood!!! Click Image to Zoom! And please do zoom...it took me forever to make this sucker!


Anonymous said...

It's georgeous! darlin'

Shelley Rickey said...

Thanks Babe! I think "Gertrude & Gerard" are the cutest! Except that your lips are too dark. But i'm exhausted...i'll fix it later!