May 11, 2009

The Belgian Ukulele Festival Was A Smash!

Photographs courtesy of Hans Koert
'The Uke Box' performing at the 2nd Belgian Ukulele Festival 2009

Just got back this afternoon from Sint Niklaas where the 2nd Belgian Ukulele Festival was held. Ukulelezaza & Fredrik Goossens did such a wonderful job organizing this event. Great venue & wonderful acts. Loved meeting up with ukulele friends that we met last year in Germany and making new ones... Gus & Fin, Max & Veronica, Yan Yalego, Guillume & his buddies, Steph (who tended our market while we performed, Thanks Steph), and gosh...just too many swell folks to mention.

Although, I would however like to mention a few more that i especially adore... The Hot Potato Syncopators. I just love them taters! And lastly, but not leastly, Miss Nora, my favorite myspace friend. Unfortunately we didn't get much of a chance to chat (Marko & I had a market stand, led a workshop and performed so it was one busy day!) but, hopefully there will be a Ukulele Festival in Ierland in August which Nora asked us to play at! I hope that works out...i'd love to hang out with her!

Well, it was all swell. Plus, our market was quite a success. My handmade musical gifts & goods sold incredibly well. That makes me a happy gal! Sold quite a few ukuleles & toy accoordeons too. Bonus!

To read a review of the festival visit the Keep Swinging Blog by Hans Koert, whom i was also very fortunate to meet along with his lovely lady friend. He also has posted a great series of festival photographs. Especially great shots of Gerard & Gertrude and Veronica with her washboard! Hopefully we'll be seeing some video of the festival soon. Although i'm always a bit anxious about seeing video of myself. Let's say that there is video of us that doesn't suck...i'll be sure to post it! Lastly, special thanks to our great pal, Remco for inviting us. We had a ball!


Anonymous said...

Yay, cool! Too bad we weren't there... hopefully next time!

Marie Reed said...

That sounds so groovy and offbeat! What a blast!