June 2, 2009

The 8th & Last Ukulele Jamboree of the Season!

Click on the image to ZOOM! Ah, come on, i made it myself. It's cute! On June the 13th Ukulele Jamboree No.8 is comin' at ya Baby Cakes! And i wouldn't miss this one if i were you. Your Jamboree Host, "The Uke Box" will be packin' up their ukulele cases after the show to embark on a wee musical tour. (Hopefully Coming Soon to Festivals & Faires near YOU!) So, If you miss the Jamboree now, you'll have to wait until September 'til you can Jamboree again, and we wouldn't want that now, would we?

At 10pm Listen Up & Boogie Down to...
Maartje & Maartje
Hear them perform their toe-tappin' top hits before they take their ukuleles on the road, playing their way to Germany and beyond!
Attention: Do you have a weakness for the ukulele, live between South Holland & Germany and have a healthy to grotesquely-above-average income & no clue what to do with it? Look for these gals comin' down a highway near you!
The Uke Box
Usually so busy giving workshops & hosting ukulele events that they have had very little time to grace the stage themselves. Finally, Shelley & Marko are going to give you a little musical taste of what they've been cookin' up lately! "Guaranteed To Swoon!"
& Secret Guests!

But First at 20:00
Ukulele Intervention, A Ukulele Workshop for aspiring ukulele players. Ukulele Rental: 2,- Euro. See you there at Café de Bel, Gerard Scholtenstraat 61b, 3035SE Rotterdam. Don't Be Late!


shelley said...

I want all your posters all over my toronto walls!

I want to see you in august! :) Bought my plane ticket...flying to amsterdam with my new custom-made 6 string in tow....


Shelley Rickey said...

Hey Babe, I want you to come too! When i see you in august i'll dig up some old posters to give to you.
Custom made six-string...whoa. Who made it?