July 14, 2009

The Uke Box On Summer Tour

Wowzie! This summer Marko & I are touring around festivals with "The Uke Box". We perform, give workshops and often have a little music market where we sell ukuleles, toy accoordeons, washboard ties and various handmade musical gadgets & goodies.

We've had so much fun and have had a great reception from the festival go-ers. So much so that we're planning on buying a big truck so we can make one long summer festival tour through europe next year. The last festival we did was the Pijnackerplein Country & Bluegrass Festival. This was such a fun event. They had great bands such as The Bluegrass Boogiemen, The Hillbilly Stringpickers and my favorite, Rikke & Emma! They also had ponies, horseshoe throwing, extreme hammering & a fake cow that you could milk! What i also loved about the fest was that there were all kinds of folks there...the rockabilly crowd, the lost hillbilly crowd & uh, line dancers etc... I love it when those really super cool rockabilly guys with pompadours and tattoo's fall for the ukulele. Lots of little ukulele boxes tucked under those tattooed arms! I must admit that our (my) performance there was probably the worst of the summer. I woke up a little late, was rushin' around trying to get the market set up and didn't have time to warm up and boy can you hear it. You can't win them all but i swear, next time i'll pull myself out of bed on time. We have many festivals coming up but the one i'm most excited about is the Dublin International Ukulele Festival. We'll be performing, giving a workshop and will definately have "The Jumping Flea Market" set up. Come by and see us if you're in Dublin Town!

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