October 23, 2009

Review of the Ukulele Jamboree Nr.10

Let me tell ya, this was a Ukulele Jamboree with style. Jaynickel & ZAZA were increidble! They played an absolutely amazing set and really got the crowd going. There's a video at the end of the post to show exactly what i mean. And, to our delight, several new folks showed up to play at the open mic...

Klaaske came from Zeist and played a very lovely set including a very moving song she dedicated to her little boy. Wessel came from Amsterdam and had a damn good looking and sounding uke with him made by Ken Timms. Wessel also plays bass with the Tennessee Studs but we were glad he had time to do some moonlighting in Rotterdam with his uke. We also had great performances by some frequent visitors to the Ukulele Jamboree. Much thanks to Miss Yvonne, Thako & The Beast from the East!

The evening began with a workshop given by Ukulelezaza. He taught everyone some really amazing right hand techniques. Visit ZaZa's YouTube channel...he has some amazing stuff posted there including instructional videos.

And, we gave some fantastic prizes away. This edition we had a 'V' theme. 1st Prize: Flying 'V' Ukulele, 2nd Prize: 'V'-neck T-shirt & 3rd Prize: a 'V' snaar! (The V snaar doesn't make sense in english seeing that it's probably called a belt. But, in Dutch it's a riot, trust me.)

There was also an after party at our house that went on until morning. Took me two days to recover from it. What a whopper! Big Thanks to everyone that came and to the staff at Cafe de Bel! Here is a video to give you an idea of what an amazing evening it was.... You wanna see more? Visit the Ukulele Interventie Site. (Text in Dutch, Pictures in Color!)

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