December 19, 2009

Ukulele Christmas

Unfortunately our plans to make a Christmas Video have been delayed. And, they may possibly be delayed until Christmas 2010. (sigh) But, fortunately other ukulele players have recorded some fantastic stuff. Here are my three favorite just to get you in the mood for a Very Ukulele Christmas.

To start with, my favorite, 'Christmas Time Is Here' from 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' performed by WS64 from Germany. (I want to learn this piece so bad. I must find the chords or tabs... or run this video back and forth until i figure it out!) I just love the tenderness and melancholy of the chord progressions.

These are the cutest ukulele players EVER. Besides that, they're damn good, especially considering the fact that they're made from wool. Check out U900 from Japan doing their very special version of 'Sleigh Ride'.

And lastly, an absolutely grand performance by Jonathan K Miller from Canada. Check out his version of "You're a Mean One, Mister Grinch!"

Of course you'll be wanting the chords for your favorite Christmas Songs to play on your new Ukes that are tucked under the tree, right?! Ukulele Tonya has An Incredible Collection of Links for Plenty of Christmas Cheer.

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