January 9, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside!

A winter landscape from my Paint by Numbers collection.

We've had an amazing spell of weather here in Holland. The week before Christmas it snowed...a lot. Being from Mississippi, i still get all kinds of silly about snow. It's magical. Even makes a parking lot look beautiful. Now it's snowing again and it is damn cold. I heard that it reached -20ºC! As far as i'm concerned if you have to have winter then please let it either snow or freeze hard enough to ice skate. Otherwise, you just have cold.

So, i'm actually enjoying the extreme weather and wintery stuff like Snuggly Sweaters, Homemade Stews and Spiced Wine...mmmm. Hoping to ice skate soon with our ice buddies Coen & Paul. We had a ball skating last year. Of course Marko will also be on the ice, but i demand a stunt double!

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