March 30, 2010

A Special Guest Appearance with Halfway Station!

Oh man, this was so great. Last Saturday we joined Rikke Korswagen & Elma Plaisier of Halfway Station and played to a sold out house at THE most charming little theater in Holland, Theater Walhalla.

I ADORE Halfway Station. I'm not kidding..They are really great y'all. Incredibly talented, fun, easy-goin'...just swell. To add to the fun, Rikke has a mean collection of old microphones and stuff. There was one that looked like a mini carburetor and another one, well, now that i think about it, it looked like a shiny chrome vibrator. Beautiful rarities. Oh, and Elma has a Theramin! We're going to get together soon and try to play that sucker.

Anyway, I was so happy that they asked us to collaborate with them and thrilled with the results. Oh, and they gave us this amazing gift during the concert. It is an original etching of the Concert Poster done be Rikke and it is just beautiful. I'll definately post a photograph of it soon. In the mean time, Check us out bustin' it up to 'Ode To Billy Joe'. Whoooooo Doggy!


woodcutter said...

Great work Shelly, I still am wondering how these folkster groups get going overseas. Apparently its not just fun music here in the new world. Its fun every where. Steve

Shelley Rickey said...

Hi Steve,
Thank you.
Yes, it's amazing.
Imagine my surprise when i found records by Hank Williams and The Carter Family in the record collections here. Country, Folk and Roots music are both very much alive in Europe and beyond. I saw one of the best Hawaiian Steel Guitar Players i'd ever heard in my life just a couple of months ago...and he was Japanese. Spoke very little English. Boy could he play. (Tomotaka Matsui of the Sweet Hollywaiians)

woodcutter said...

Huh... thats really cool.