May 13, 2010

May i have a little rant?

Yes i think i may...

All of you folks shouting 'Boycott BP'. Yes, do that. 
But do this too...
Put on a sweater when it's cold instead of cranking up the ole' heater, get rid of your big ass cars, ride your bike to work and campaign for safe biking roads so that you are able to do so, recycle, reuse, downsize, buy less. And, when you do shop, purchase local products from independent merchants whenever possible and support responsible companies.

Come on's not about one damn stinking company. It's about a whole hell of a lot of stinking companies and more importantly it's about us. About the choices we make every damn day. You can't support these crap companies and then when the day comes when they've ruined your little piece of paradise on earth turn around and start bitchin'. We have to start conserving more energy and start using and developing safer energy sources.

Hey, I know this ain't easy. I don't win at all of these things all of the time but boy i sure do try. If we'd all wake up and love this beautiful earth, we'd have a whole different ball game going on.

 Okay, i'm through now. Thank You.


woodcutter said...

Whew! Thats tell'n em! I'm with ya Shelly. They only have as much power as we give them.

Patsy Monteleone said...

You got it right, Shelley. Our habits have to change if we're ever going to do right by this planet.