August 15, 2010

Band le Bel

One of the things that i truly love to do is to sit in with other bands. It's very liberating to just hang out in the back of the group and play the washtub bass or the singing saw. Last friday Marko and i joined Band le Bel. This band was put together by Romano who hosts the most amazing jam sessions in Cafe de Bel here in Rotterdam every Sunday night. Actually, i'd be real surprised if there is a better jam session anywhere to be found in all of the lowlands.

Romano formed this group for a project called Twisted Folk, a four day series of concerts in four different venues featuring Folk Music with a twist. Here are a couple of numbers from our set last friday. Not bad for just one afternoon of rehearsing. They are both original tunes. 'Nasty Whore' was written by the four of us. (I'm responsible for the dirtiest lyrics..heeheehee.) More video's to be seen on our YouTube Channel.

Tom (Big Damn Drum)
Romano (Lead vocals, guitar & fiddle)
Marko (Guitar, Mandolin & Banjo
Shelley (Washtub Bass & Singing Saw


woodcutter said...

Thanks for sharing your videos with us! My kinda gal... plays the saw and the washtub! Both very useful items around the farm.

Kittie Howard said...

Thanks for sharing some super tunes! Looks like you've got a group going places, happy for you! Hub and I are back from holiday; looking forward to more of your posts. Keep playing!

Happy Kreg said...

Ok, DAMN, those are some good songs! Love it!

Shelley Rickey said...

Hey Y'all,
Thanks for stopping by and having a listen.
@woodcutter If i ever make it to the farm i shall bring my musical hardware!

@Kittie Howard I read on your blog about the horrific occurrence of your girlfriends son's life being taken. I'm so incredibly sorry to hear that. What a senseless tragedy. I wish you all great strength to somehow deal with this grief. Sending lots of love your way. X.

@Happy Kreg
Sounds like i brought some of the southern to Holland doesn't it?! Yeehaw.