September 23, 2010

13th Edition of The Ukulele Jamboree


Kittie Howard said...

When I heard you sing on a previous post, I thought, this gal has one hell of a voice. So I decided to Google you this evening and was pleased (but not surprised) to see that you have quite a following. I'm always extra happy when someone from our neck of the woods makes good!!!

Shelley Rickey said...

Hey Kittie,
How you doin' gal?
Thanks for the googlin'! : )
Yes, i reckon i'm doing pretty good.
I'm doing what i love and i'm not quite starving.
Hope to play some in the states next year.
Wouldn't be great to meet up?!
Where are you located exactly?

Daniël van Nes said...

Awww, I hope I can make it to the Jamboree. I just realize that particular weekend is one of the most crammed of the year. But hey, I'm dropping my ukes by this Thursday, so see ya soon!

shellest said...

another instalation of the jambouree! I hope it went well. Happy to see that your special uke made it to the poster!
Sending kisses...


superheidi said...

Thanks to your lovely design I picked up the flyer from the library and had to come to the Jamboree. I really enjoyed the lovely event and I was quite impressed by Yan Yalego. Thanks and keep the good things going in Rotterdam.