September 9, 2010

WOO-oooo-ooo Doggy!

Been awhile since i posted anything. I guess that is because we've been so busy playing and planning a lot for the coming season. The Ukulele Jamboree (Best damn ukulele show in the Lowlands hosted by Marko and myself) is coming up, The Big Damn Ukulele Band has also started up again and there are several other special projects we'll be tackling soon.

Besides this, i'm very busy sewing myself some new clothes for Fall/Winter. Oh, and another thing that has also slowed my posting damn camera busted. Unfortunately i can't afford a new one yet. Got to fatten up that piggy bank first. None the less, there will be plenty of cool posts in the near future i'm sure. Till then, here's a photograph of Marko, Romano and myself having a little jam with our new Argentinian friend, Saverio Maccarone. That boy can play y'all!

p.s. Marko just told me he really didn't like this photograph of himself. He said, "i look like such a banjo player". What the hell does that mean!? Unless he's referring to that Banjo player in Deliverance. No way baby, I love my good lookin' Banjo Player.


Kittie Howard said...

Y'all look like you're having a blast...what fun Amsterdam must be! I'm not sure what lookin' like a banjo player means either; Marko's a good-looking guy who plays the banjo...y'all have fun!

Shelley Rickey said...

Amsterdam is fun too but, i live in Rotterdam. Had to correct that for all my fellow Rotterdamers because Rotterdam and Amsterdam have a HUGE rivalry. They'd never forgive me if i let that go.
Hope you're having fun too!