November 22, 2010

Are y'all following this?

A hundred of you are. 100! And that's just the followers via Google (which are the nicest because i get to see your avatars). I've noticed that there are also quite a lot of folks following me via readers and the like. NEAT-O! You know, when i started this blog i didn't really think about followers. I just wanted a place to post all the stuff that i do so that if anyone were interested in my music or art, i'd have a virtual place to direct them to. I know this sounds crazy, but i was really only thinking locally.

But dang, it's led to so many wonderful things... Inspiring meetings, much exchanging of ideas, incredible invitations, collaborations, friendships (both virtual and real life), creative support - hell, even emotional support. Sometimes during the 'creative process' i have my moments of self doubt. It's always wonderful to start the day out with a comment or an email from someone who is interested in what you are doing.

Anyway, I've had a ball the last few years. I've gotten to a place i've always wanted to be, spending 100% of my time working on my own projects. Okay, it hasn't been easy but i ain't starvin' yet and i'm happy as hell. This has only been possible because of the wonderful support i've received and a lot of that support has come from the internets. My sincere gratitude to all of you. It's been a joy to blog! I intend to carry on and hopefully you will continue to find it entertaining along the way.

And now i'd like to share with you a selection of my favorite blogs & bloggers to follow...

Dull Tool Dim Bulb
"Dull Tool Dim Bulb were the only swear words my father ever used. Items from the Jim Linderman Collection of Vernacular Photography, Folk Art, Ephemera and Curiosities."
I would really like to meet Jim Linderman. Actually, i'd like to hang out a while and have a few drinks together. Amazing collections. Fervent, a little haunting and naughty in the nicest way.

Anonymous Works
Beautiful Things from Unknown Makers
Joe has a great eye and always posts very interesting objects. There is always something intriguing to see and WANT!

"Yesterdays Tomorrow Today"
Oh how i LOVE ModernMechanix. Especially the images of which i use many in my graphic design work.

Detour Art Travels
"Detour art is dedicated to the sheer joy of outsider, folk, visionary, self-taught, vernacular art and environment discoveries found all along the back roads (and side streets) around the world." Road Trip!
"The Beautiful, The Decayed, The Handmade"
I love to look at the wonderful work shown here by other designers and artists. Good Stuff!

"Always Something Interesting" Incredible Vintage American Photography. Man, the first time i came across this site i could not stop looking until i had seen EVERYTHING. And that takes quite a while. Huge collection. Incredibly interesting.
Ukulele Hunt
Absolutely the best ukulele blog in the world by Al Wood
Unusual Life
"Unusual Homes. Amazing Architecture. Strange Places. Fascinating People."
Another Road Trip! Can never take enough cool road trips i say.

The Wood Pile
"Artist, farmer, woodsman and also a Permanent Deacon in the Roman Catholic Church"
This fella from Nova Scotia is my 'farmville'. I love visiting the farm!

Dude Craft
"Represents a different kind of tribe in the world of making things, intentionally blurring the lines between, art, craft, engineering, and the good old “Can Do” spirit." Plus, who can resist the name?
Tart Deco
Vintage Glamour and Retro Style
Miss Steph always has lots of fun stuff. Really handy links and tips too. It's my pink girly hang out.

Tea With The Vintage Baroness
Just one of the wonderful blogs from Adele, a vintage seller from Ontario Canada who is in my opinion the beginning, middle and end of the story of superb taste. Absolutely beautiful woman in stunning vintage style.
"Screen stars of the 20's and 30's"
Ah, to have lived during the 20's. I adore looking at all the images and it's nice to learn a bit more about some of the more obscure films and stars of this era.

" your daily source of inspiration for illustration, animation, cartooning, and comic art." Yep! The talent seen here is incredible.
Agence Eureka
Delicious Ephemera Eye Candy. Her other blogs are wonderful too.
I'll be the one in heels
From Kalisa, my best girlfriend from High School in Long Beach Mississippi, now living in Memphis. I love reading everything,... from what she's writing, what she's wearing, what's happening with the family and which appliance just f*cking broke down.
Duh! Who doesn't love BoingBoing!? Coolest stuff on the web, right? And Mark Frauenfelder is great. I adore his whole philosophy about stuff, his lightheartedness and his 'Maker' mentality. Just a real jovial fella'.

Aaargh, once again, i could go on and on. Think i'll have to continue the list later. So much great stuff on the web. But just one more...

The Hermitage
Rima, goodness, how can i describe Rima. She's so dreamy, she lives a dreamy life. Has a beautifully renovated horse truck in which she roams about the beautiful english country side making and selling her amazing artwork. This is the person i would most like to hang around a campfire with.


Al said...

Congratulations on the followers. You have plenty of feed subscribers too - I'm one myself.

Thanks for the mention.

Shelley Rickey said...

Thanks Al! Man, I really appreciate your blog. I know it's an incredible amount of work. Plus you have to put up with some cranky damn ukulele maniacs....geeez. Anyway, very well done!

woodcutter said...

Congratulations Shelly! And I'm glad you like to visit the farm! Today I really did spend the day in the wood pile... gotta keep the fire going.

Anonymous said...

the trouble is that feedburner has changed the way it works and now only displays the first few lines of each post in my feed reader, not the whole item as before. This means I have to visit your blog to read everything and see the pictures. I do not want to do this - it is inconvenient to me. Please consider changing the preferences for the sake of your users. Tnanks, Peter XXX

Angie said...

Shelly, your blog is awesome! When I followed it last night, I was stoked to see I was number 100!

Take care,

Shelley Rickey said...

Hi There! Hmmm. I know exactly what you mean. I did change that. The reason was that when you viewed it in a feeder the images and text were all over the place. After spending so much time getting it all aligned and nice lookin' i found it a bit upsetting to have it viewed that way. But, i hear what your saying. I'll see if there is any way i can get it to look nicer in the feeder or i may just consider changing it back anyway if it is such an inconvenience to my readers. In any case, Thank you so much for following! I'll definitely take your advice into consideration. X,s.

Hey Gal! I too was stoked to see you were number 100! Thank you. I hope you will continue to enjoy it and i look forward to hearing from you!

Shelley Rickey said...

Man, i wish i had a woodpile!
On the other hand i had trouble just getting my gas heater on and i fixed a crack in the house with duct tape. I'm not sure if i'm fit for a farm. : )

woodcutter said...

Actually if you know how to use duct tape you would be pretty handy around the farm!

superheidi said...

Well, isn't that just a nice opportunity to nominate your blog for a One Lovely Blog Award? Congratulations!

Shelley Rickey said...

Wow... An Award! Niiiiice.
Thanks Heidi!

Kalisa said...

Aren't you the sweetest?? You know I love reading your blog too!! x

Tart Deco™ said...

Aw, thanks for mentioning Tart Deco. I recently sent a new blog reader your way and I hope she turns out to be 101!

I always visit your blog when I need to remind myself to have fun with my music :)