April 22, 2011

De Bende van Oss

Suddenly, i find myself working on a big-shot movie here in Holland. What am i doing? I'm WRANGLING! That means, i'm gathering all the extra's.

I'm looking for 80 extra's for the Historic Crime Film, 'Bende van Oss'. And, i need them fast! The filming will take place in Rotterdam and/or Den Hague. Are you interested in being styled in 1930's garb and appearing in the movie? Click Here for Information (In Dutch)

Now, i know this is going to be tough since most people have to work, but... Just think if this becomes a classic!!? It's got some damn good actors in it and the stills look amazing. I would love for it to be filled with all my friends, especially from my adopted Home Town, Rotterdam. Ah, screw your job folks. Let's make a MOVIE!


superheidi said...

Hey Shelley, you might want to contact the people from Club Interbellum in Amsterdam. http://www.clubinterbellum.net/ or Historisch Adviesbureau '30-'45(probably same guys) http://www.hab3045.nl/nl/index.htm

Shelley Rickey said...

Yes, i sent a message to Jo and to the Interbellum via Facebook this morning. They're perfect! Jo seems amazing, i would love to meet her.

superheidi said...

Yes, ain't she?

Though they're dancers, there are some vintage fans among the lindy hoppers in Amsterdam (and Utrecht, oooooh Rotterdam¿#@!*:{)
You could post at their facebook wall

Though everyone will be busy in Amsterdam this weekend (Smokey Feet), someone will check their FB.

Shelley Rickey said...

Great! Heb op hun Facebook page gepost. Ik hoorde ook net van 'The Cotton Club' in Rotterdam? Dat is mij nieuw...

superheidi said...

¿mij ook?!??

Ken alleen deze Amsterdammers: