April 2, 2011

First Day In The Garden

It was beautiful in Holland today. Marko, Atticus & I went into the garden and cleaned out all of the leaves and dead branches and such. The ground was full of life. Lots of Snails, Moss and Worms. Atticus loves worms. One night he thought he'd like a slug too. He only made that mistake once. Kitty whiskers full of slug slime. YUK.


e.f. bartlam said...

I've been busy watering our dirt trying to get moss to grow. Our yard is completely in the shade all day and we can't get any grass goin'...huge pine in the front and even bigger live oak in the back.

Makin some progress, but I won't be happy til the whole front yard looks that clump in the bottom picture.

Glad you're gettin' some good weather.

Shelley Rickey said...

Nice to hear you are going for moss. We've got a shady garden too. Marko always wants me to dig the moss out, but i love it. My rule is if it isn't ugly, don't pull it out...even if it is a so called weed. I don't cut grass either. I love wild grass. I just let it go and cut a path through it.

Moss does take a while to get going but once it takes hold it makes this gorgeous blanket on just about anything.

Good luck with the moss and let's hope for a lovely warm summer!

woodcutter said...

You lucky girl! It was snowing here today! Groan! But spring is on the way.

Shelley Rickey said...

Snowing?! Dang! And I thought Holland was slow to bloom. Hope there are some rays of sunshine coming your way soon!