April 3, 2011

Vending Machine Coolness

Saw these on the Nieuwe Binnenweg in Rotterdam in front of the COOP today. Voodoo Doll & Bling Teeth Vending Machines. For REAL!!? No way man, fake Gold Teeth or a Voodoo Doll for just 1 Euro!! TOO COOL.

*Much bumbling around trying to find a damn euro in one of my many pockets without dropping my bicycle loaded down with all my Flea Market Finds on the sidewalk...*

And yes, I had just 1 Euro. Hmmm... Difficult choice. Now if it would have been Saturday Night, I would of course had to have gone for a good set of 'Bling Teeth' (click on the image to ZOOM and observe the Gold Toothed Awesomeness). But seeing that it was a Sunday afternoon...i went for the Voodoo Doll.

Looks like she's got NightShade flowers behind her ears and a Gris-Gris Bag. Whooooooooa. Look out BITCHES!

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