June 21, 2011

Presenting... 'AIRWAVES'

Tonight, Marko and i finished up our Stop Motion Animation course. We really enjoyed it and we learned a hell of a lot. I'm afraid to say that we definitely want to do some more Stop Motion. Like we need one more creative endeavor to worry our heads over. And what an endeavour. Stop Motion Animation is movie making for slightly insane people. No shit.

Anyway, let me tell you about the film we made... We wanted to make something that we could possibly use for our duo, The Uke Box. So we came up with a scenario inspired by one of my paintings. We worked as such...I built the set and made the main character, Marko and i both worked on the actual animating and Marko did both the video and audio editing.

We had only 6 hours to film it. Originally, the film material was only 26 seconds long but Marko was able to edit it to a little over a minute. WOOHOOO! Yep, we're real excited about a whole damn minute. That's how insane Stop Motion is. This film was shot at 12 frames per second but normally it's 24 frames per second. Like i said...it's movie making for insane people. But it's a beautiful process. Like magic when you see it come to life. So, here is our primitive yet hopefully entertaining first Stop Motion Animation Film. It's called 'AIRWAVES'. Don't Blink...Roll 'Em!


superheidi said...

I do love everything about it!

michele said...

Absolutely adorable! Like everything you do...