June 11, 2011

Stop! Motion, continued...

Okay, so Marko and i are taking this Stop Motion Animation course, right. During the third lesson we were given some plasticine and told to animate it. This is what happened. (Marko is in blue, and i am in red.)

Since starting this course, we've been investigating this Stop Motion business and we've found some amazing things. Last time i introduced you (although i don't think he needed an introduction) to PES. Now i would like to introduce a pioneer of animation and quite likely someone you don't know.

Karel Zeman, (November 3, 1910 - April 5, 1989) was a Czech film director, artist, production designer and animator. Here you can see Part 1 of a documentary called 'The Special Effects of Karel Zemen'. The full documentary can be viewed on YouTube. To view some of Karel Zeman's films, skidaddle on over to Network Awesome. Oh and i suggest checking out Network Awesome's Video archive. They don't lie. It IS awesome! Who can resist this episode of Elektra Woman & Dyna Girl?!


superheidi said...

Beautiful artwork of Zeman. But your two clips made me laugh. There's something Purple & Brown going on (know them?).

Shelley Rickey said...

I love when he mixes the drawings with live action.'Fantastic World of Jules Verne' is amazing. Purple & Brown... I'll look it up!