July 25, 2011

The Swan Market

There is a new 'lifestyle' market in my neighborhood (Rotterdam North) called the Swan Market. There you can find design items, crafts, vintage goods, affordable art, good eats and everything in between. It's really wonderful and a great thing for the neighborhood. Marko and i set up a booth with all of our goods from The Jumping Flea Market & also played a bit of music at the spring edition. Here's a look...
Me & Romano behind the stand
Some of our cool handmade & vintage wares from 'The Jumping Flea Market'
Paul Blom testing 'The Maritza'


Jess Allred said...


I love the 'Jumpin' Flea Market' concept, and the content is awesome. What's with the flutes? Do you make them? Sorry to hear of the recent 'tough time' for you. Stay positive, things will get better.


Shelley Rickey said...

Hi Jess, Thank you. We are still adding to the collection that we sell. We hope to open a permanent store in October! The flutes i found at a garage sell. Thought they would be nice to put with the market. (I played the flute in High School). Thanks for your concern for our 'tough time'. We're getting on though. Working hard to turn it all around. We'll get there! Thanks for stopping by, Jess. : ) Have a lovely week.