August 6, 2011

Financial Matters (Or do they?) and Root Vegatables

In my last post i was telling about our financial disaster. About 6 days after that post, Marko received a letter saying he was owed some back taxes from 2009, which completely covered the disaster with a little to spare! But, A few days after that, we got another letter that took away that little bit to spare and then some. So, at the end of the day, i guess we are out of the disaster zone but are now back to being just plain broke.

And what have we learned from all of this crap? Don't waste your time FREAKING OUT. It comes and it goes. As long as there is love in the house, that is the only damn thing that matters, right? And LOVE is definitely in the house. Of course the trick, for me, is to remember this the next time i'm FREAKING OUT.

And now i will conclude with something completely different. Here is a little slide show of a lovely spring day we spent at the Rotterdam Zoo drilling holes in carrots. Roll 'em...

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