August 24, 2011

One Little Raindrop

I heard this song last week on Radio Dismuke. It's so damn charming. Definitely want to put this great old tune in our repertoire.

Luckily, i found the sheet music which was included in the Vintage Ukulele Sheet Music DVD that i ordered from Ian Chadwick. I recommend this DVD to anyone who loves vintage tunes. The DVD contains more than 2000 files of sheet music available for just 10 bucks! I can't even imagine how many hours of scanning went into this. What a treat!

Anyway, since this has been the rainiest summer i can remember this song seems very appropriate.


Tart Deco™ said...

I think I just peed my pants! A Vintage sheet music collection for $10?!? I am off to order right now!

I just arranged Avalon for my vocal trio Bootless Betties and plan to do Mountain Greenery soon. Also working on Jim Jam Jumpin Jive, but I'm taking my time on that because I am synthesizing 3 different versions together plus making sure it also has a flavor our own. That is so hard to do when you hear your favs in your head...

Tart Deco™ said...

Just ordered the double dvd. Thanks for the tip!

Also, if you are ever looking for a specific tune, let me know cause I have quite a collection myself ;)

Shelley Rickey said...

Hi Sweet,
You're definitely going to pee in your pants when you receive it. It's a massive amount of music. There are whole books included. I don't think i could get through it in a life time. It's AMAZING. I suggest copying all the songs onto an external HD. For some reason, my DVD didn't work after a while but fortunately i had already copied all the files onto my hard disk.

I love the Bootless Betties, y'all are so good. Good luck with the material. Oh, and i just saw that you had a blog about American Popular Music. Fabulous, i'm following!