October 28, 2011

The advent of All Hallows' Eve draws nigh

Man, i really loved Halloween as a kid. Carving the pumpkin, making my own costume, going into the haunted house at the school carnival with (gripped to) my grandpa, the cake walk and all the CANDY. So much damn candy. Good grief. What a feest! I remember that on the days following Halloween we would play board games and gamble our penny candy which of course ended up in a brawl. Here in Holland there isn't much Halloween to speak of. Booo!

Halloween reminds me of another thing that i've always loved. Classic & Cult Horror Movies. When i was little mom used to let me stay up and we'd watch them together real late at night. It was so thrilling. But there was one man in particular that seriously scared the living daylights out of me.

Vincent Price. I was TERRIFIED of him. And not just in horror movies. Even if he was on a talk show or a commercial. TERRIFIED. I used to have this little blanket which we called my security blanket. I toted it along with me all the time. (till i was about 23 and my dog ate half of it) When Vincent Price would come on the TV I'd hide under it. But of course i was also enthralled... so i would peek. Vincent Price. Look at that face. Nowadays of course, i've grown to ADORE him. I even find him,... sexually exciting. I know. It's crazy but i can't help it. I'm also strongly attracted to Harpo Marx.

There are lots of great Vincent Price movies. I haven't even seem them all but here is a great one you may not know. The Abominable Dr. Phibes. Not only is Vincent disturbing in a most attractive way, the sets and the costumes and the colors are FAR OUT & GROOVY! The opening scene and the typography used for the opening credits alone are stunning. I recommend it highly. Enjoy the tricks and treats, y'all and be safe!

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