January 5, 2012

The Twelfth Night Of Christmas

And apparently this means that the Christmastide is over, which also means the little tree has got to go. But i really can't part with it yet. Actually, i'm seriously considering re-enacting our Christmas festivities this next weekend.

They consisted of Marko and i making a pallet in front of the gas heater where we unpacked our new pyjamas, played games, told our fortunes, strummed ukuleles and watched great movies. And of course we ate gorgeous stuff like warm camembert cheese covered in melted brown sugar and walnuts, BBQ meatlessballs with plenty of a cheap whiskey-like concoction called Maltky to wash it down. We were actually really really broke but i did splash out on this little 5,- euro tree. It may all seem very small and simple to those of you who go all out, but i just can't tell you how really wonderful it was. We laughed a lot too. It was just so cozy.
Click on the images and ZOOM IN on the Cozy-ness.!

There's nothing quite like a good rest and a bit of spoiling yourself after having worked really hard. We had really exhausted ourselves trying to get our shop up and running and this at the end of a pretty rough and tumble year in general. I'm not kidding. We were physically and mentally TIRED. It felt so awesome just to turn off the damn phone, the e-mail and the doorbell and just hang out with our cat in a huge mountain of cushions and quilts.
I hope you too have enjoyed the holidays. I know mine are ending too soon with lots of mail to sort out and, dare i say it, tax forms to fill in. That's why, i think i'm going to do it again. I'm going to put that pallet in front of the fire, cook something yummy and just hang out with my good lookin' dude and my cat and our little tree this weekend and decide for myself when the festivities are over.

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