May 30, 2012

A Primitive Affair

I was reading about the Firefly Gathering which takes place in Hendersonville, North Carolina. From their website:
Days at Firefly, like other primitive skills gatherings, are spent learning about harvesting wild foods, permaculture, making crafts from available local plants and rocks, processing wild game/road kill using the whole animal and learning the various methods of fire starting using friction.
Cool. I can dig that. So i'm looking through the 'gallery' and right after a series of roadkill images, i come across this. Primitive Dude playing the Banjolele. Heheheheeee.
Actually, after viewing all the photographs, i'm not sure i can dig it. There's one picture envolving a pig and a girl which was particularly disturbing. But, hey, i'm all for making good use of roadkill and it's always a good idea to know a few survival skills. At least i now know that, should the time come when i have to go into survival mode, i should keep my banjolele handy.

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