June 28, 2012

Big Damn Front Page

Whooooweee. I'm not going to lie about it. The preparations leading up to The Big Damn Ukulele Bash for Route du Nord were a freakin' fiasco. Thankfully, that doesn't happen often. Marko and i work so damn well together that usually we've got everything covered and them some but this time, DANG. But, I guess you can't always expect things to go your way and you just have to experience small disasters along your path sometime. With that in mind, it makes it even the more sweeter that there is a photograph on the front page of the newspaper from the show. Look how damn cute David is playing his 'funky ukelele'. He and his wife Jos are the new proprietors of Café Wijnberg where we hosted the event. To them AND to everyone that came and filled up the house with fun, we THANK YOU!

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