July 13, 2012

'The Uke Box' Italiano

Marko and i have been rehearsing like mad because we're getting ready for...Sunny Italy!! We'll be performing at the Ukulele Festival of Italy (19-22 July) AND The International Ukulele Festival of Matera (27 July).

We're pretty damn excited about this trip. First of all we'll be on the same bill as James Hill who is a modern day MASTER of the ukulele so it is quite an honor to be invited to perform on the same stage. Plus, the festival is hosted by the wonderful folks from Aquila Acorde and we're looking forward to seeing them and all of our friends in Vincenza again. And, i'm very very curious about Matera. Apparently it is one of the oldest inhabited cities beginning in the Paleolithic Age. That's not old... that's freakin' prehistoric. Look at it... (click to zoom in on the WOW-ness!)
So, if you are in the area come on by. We'll also be giving workshops and selling handmade wonders and curiosites from The Jumping Flea.

Oh, and due to this trip our store will be closed from the 17th till the 30th of July. I know, we'll miss you too. See ya when we get back! I'll leave you with a bit of James Hill. Ciao Bella!


superheidi said...

enjoy! don't forget to eat tomatoes, they have the best ones (at the market).

Shelley Rickey said...

Oh yes, they have gorgeous markets. MMmmm.