February 17, 2013

Bringing back the Sunday.

I didn't do Sundays very well last year. I nearly worked myself to death last year. This year, i'm making a conscious effort to bring back the weekend, or at least the Sunday.

Today it was gorgeous outside so Marko and i took a little ride on the back roads towards Leiden and there abouts to visit some Flea Markets. On the way there we listened to Roland Vonk's Radio Show on the local station, a long-time Sunday tradition. He collects records, tells storys, and plays obscure and curious recordings. Todays episode was an especially Vonk-a-delic edition with both Hawiian tunes and Yodeling! I highly recommend starting your Sunday morning with yodeling.
My mission was to find lots of cheep glasses with which i could build a Glass Harp, a project i'm working on for Museum Night. (More about that later!). I needed stemmed glasses and was especially looking for Cognac glasses. I found a load of them for just .20 cents a piece. Oh, and i bought the boot for just .50 cents because i thought it would kick ass to drink beer out of a glass cowboy boot.
I also found stuff for my new, weird, nerdy-ass past time...Crocheting. It all began when i crocheted myself a shawl and a hat last fall because i just couldn't find ones that i liked in the shops. I had absolutely no intention of carrying on with this crochet thing but it turns out that it's very relaxing. It's something creative you can do when you 'aren't doing anything'. The only thing is, you have to count. I'm a daydreamer...i usually miss a stitch. But, today i found a nifty craft book entitled 'Modern Haken' from 1973. It is mostly about 'Free Form' Crochet which is done by stitching an organic form using your repertoire of stitches and your intuition, no counting involved. SCORE! It looks pretty cool too. More folky. I dig those cushions. And what about that freaky ski mask? Looks like something you'd wear to a Cajun Mardi Gras. I also found some balls of wool for just 1,-euro a piece. Big Nerd Cheer!
I invite you to click on the image and ZOOM!

And lastly, i bought myself a medal for .50 cents because i liked the Orange Tree on it and two tacky/awesome needlepoint pillow covers for €1.50. DANG, i Love Flea Markets! I hope you too began your morning with Yodeling and enjoyed the hell out of your Sunday. Take care. x,s.

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