August 12, 2013

Happy Birthday, Dad!

This is my dad, Norman Yandell. He's actually my step-father but i don't see it like that. He's my DAD. He's such a great fella... funny as hell, good as gold and incredibly talented. He's famous in some circles down on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Folks adore him. You can't go anywhere with him without someone, usually a lady, running after him for a hug and a kiss.

He started making handmade fishing lures out of wood in the 80's. They are THE handmade lure to fish with, highly sought after and also collected as little works of art. He has since turned this business over to his son Kenneth Earl Yandell. Now Dad teaches folks how to make hand-knotted cast nets which is fabulous since it was quickly becoming a lost art. Here below is an article about him and the Norm Bait. Happy Birthday, Dad. You're the best! X
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