January 23, 2014

Small Time Crooks are goin' Big Time

We've got a Barber Shop here in Rotterdam that i dare say is pretty much world famous for people in the 'Barber-Shop' know. It's called Schorem and it's pretty damn Bad Ass. They only do about 12 classic cuts and there are no women allowed, as it should be in a Barber Shop. The national and international media has picked up on this Schorem and it's been an absolute sensation. There's a 3 hour line outside of their shop nearly everyday just to prove it.
Please click on the image and ZOOM, both their cuts and the poster are amazing.

Our dear friends, The Small Time Crooks, who are pretty bad-ass themselves hooked up with the fella's at Schorem and made this fantastic video of their song, 'Never Argue With Your Barber'. Since then, they too are making a pretty big smash on the nets and such. I couldn't wish it for a cooler group of fella's. I hope they go on to have great succes. (Oh, And i also hope that they write a hit song with a singing saw  in it...Hell Yeah!) So, here they are... Take it away, Boys!

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