June 11, 2014

And, the Flyer...

Oh ya, baby. The best damn party in Rotterdam is coming up in a few weeks... Pijnackerplein Bluegrassfestival. I was very happy to be asked to do the design work again this year. The organizer of this festival is Guido de Groot of Kito Cartoons. Guido does the illustrations and i try to match his vibe with my graphic design. I think it's a good marriage. And this year, not one cage fight during the process.

I really like that Guido doesn't go the 'Babe and Hot Rod' route with this fest. Not that i have anything against Babes and Hotrods, but it seems that so many festivals use that 'look'. I love the quirky-ness of the whole affair at the Pijnackerplein... a true reflection of this wild and wacky little neighborhood here in Het Oude Noorden.

Wanna see more? Click on the image and then click next to see the back of the flyer which highlights all the amazing things you can see, hear and do during this years fest.

So, if you are going to be in the neighborhood of Rotterdam, make yourself a note: 28th & 29th of June. See You There! Yeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaw!


Craig West said...

Excellent font usage. LOVE.

Shelley Rickey said...

Thanks so much, Craig!