August 8, 2008

Bosko & Honey & The Uke Box
on Radio Rijnmond!

Last night we were rehearsing our 'Safari Song' with Bosko & Honey. Marko's Mom & Dad were there and after a short phone call by Bertus...Roland Vonk was there too! He has a wonderful radio program on Sunday mornings called 'Archief Rijnmond'. So, he unpacked some recording equipment and got our Safari Song on tape. Apparently, it will be broadcasted this Sunday, the 10th of August at 11am! A Very Big THANK YOU to Mr. Vonk!

To listen, go to Radio Rijnmond and then click on the button on the right hand side that says 'Listen Live'.
P.S. I hope i'm not sorry about this post. You see, i have a major ear infection and can't hear a thing. I only got out of bed to sing this song. I hope i don't suck!

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