August 4, 2008

Ukulele Safari Review from Rotterdam

Bosko & Honey's Ukulele Safari hit Rotterdam last Saturday Night at Cafe de Bel and Good Golly! What a wonderful night it was. The cafe was packed. There were even people standing outside that climbed on the window ledge to see & hear what was going on. Bosko began by telling the audience about their ukulele travels which have criss-crossed the globe since February. With a beamer he also showed really wonderful photographs of their ukulele adventures during the Safari. And then, the music started...

They played so incredibly beautifully together. What style, just gorgeous. It just grabs you from the very beginning. Everyone was really drawn into them, you could feel it. And how couldn't you be. Besides being incredible musicians, they're so charming. Honey is so cute i could pinch her nose off! And their presentation is really tops. The show continued with music and interludes of wonderful photographs and stories about their Safari.

After the show we all hung out and meeted and greeted and made friends. It was just the perfect night. It was the first time that Cafe de Bel has had a musical performance since the cafe was taken over by it's new owners, Tiek & Bert, who, by the way are pretty super themselves. They've turned the cafe into a wonderful place. It was very fitting that they started out with such a world class performance. Thanks very much to both of them and Romano, Jerry and the rest of the gang that make De Bel such a great place to be.

Oh wait, there was one thing that didn't go Marko & I were supposed to do a short opening performance but i've had a bad ear infection and have temporarily (i hope) lost part of my hearing. But, it doesn't matter. I'll surely recover and Bosko & Honey were just fine on their own anyway. We'll be there next month to put on a show.

Well, Bosko & Honey are still here staying with us and we're having a wonderful time. I'll be posting more about our adventures shortly. Stay Tuned!

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