October 7, 2008

The Mini Jumping Flea Market

This is the mini version of 'The Jumping Flea Market' which is set up during our Ukulele Jamboree and other various ukulele events. Some of the 'homemade' items we sell are: "My First Ukulele Book", Ukulele Cards (A deluxe set of 8 cards with 4 Baggage Tags for your ukulele case) and Fretboard Stamps. Besides that we sell Ukuleles of course! This mini market will turn into a full fledged Musical Market by next summer and we'll be hitting the road to visit lots of theater and ukulele festivals around Europe to sell our wares and do our ukulele thing. These musical products will also be available via an online store...coming soon! Oh, and by the way, for the German readers of this blog....'Ukulele Huren' means something completely different in Dutch!


Beverly Kaye Gallery said...

Wow! You see materials for Uke lovers, I see great materials for collage!

karl said...

Great stuff! Any possibility of it being online?

Shelley Rickey said...

Hi Karl,
Funny that you asked. I'm working very hard right now to try to get my shop online by this friday! I will of course post a link to the virtual ribbon cutting ceremony. Glad you like my stuff!