October 21, 2008

The Vote Is In!

...in the mailbox that is. I voted and sent my absentee ballot in today! I've never looked forward to an election like i'm looking forward to this one. 8 long nightmarish years finally coming to an end. Plus it's the very first time ever that i really believe in a candidate. I'm enamored with Barack Obama.

A little aside about the absentee ballot: I'm from Mississippi and on the ballot there is a man running for Supreme Court Justice whose name is, and i swear i'm not making this up, his name is 'Bubba'. Just reading his name made me homesick!...I love Mississippi!

But to get back to Barack...besides being one hell of an impressive man he has the best lookin' election posters ever! Beautiful graphic work by Shepard Fairey. YES WE CAN!

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