October 30, 2008

Our Safari Song with Bosko & Honey!

Bosko & Honey are a ukulele duo that have been traveling around the world visiting ukulele players. They started in Austrailia, went to Japan, the US, the UK and Europe. During the European leg of their tour they stayed with us in Rotterdam and as Bosko would say...'It was Groooovy!' And as Honey would say, 'MMmmmmmm!'

At each of their stops they do a Safari Song together with the uke player(s) they are visiting. These songs are then filmed and posted on Bosko & Honey's You Tube Channel. This is an absolutely amazing project that they have endeavored upon and the results have been incredible. I recommend watching all of them but, to start with, here is 'Bosko & Honey' together with 'The Uke Box'....YEAH!


kalisa said...

How fun!

shelley said...

ahhhh! i love it!!! and i got to see cafe de bel, the gazebo, and your neighbourhood again.

sweetness added to my saturday.

be well.

Shelley Rickey said...

Hi Ladies!
I know...isn't it a hoot?!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! This was great!! Doug and I are so excited to see you. You look great! Hope you are doing well.

Natalie and Doug