February 7, 2009

See & Hear my Cigarbox Ukulele!

For detailed photographs and information about the materials that i used see the previous post.


James said...

Very nice. I saw this posted on Boing Boing and enjoyed it. You have a pretty voice.

And I loved your choice of songs.

Colin Wright said...

Hi Shelley,

I found you through Boing Boing. Your uke is so sweet - as are you. You can come and play with my ukulele anytime!
Happy days.
Colin (in Australia!)

Shelley Rickey said...

Gosh, Thanks Colin!

Shelley Rickey said...

Thank you James! And yes, 'Tonight You Belong To Me' is a beauty isn't it?!

Frauenfelder said...

Hi Shelley! As a ukulele player and the editor-in-chief of MAKE, I am an instant fan of yours (I also blogged about you on my blog, Boing Boing).

Would you like to write a how to article for make on how to make a cigar box ukulele like the one you made in this video? Please email me!

Kind regards,
Mark Frauenfelder
Editor-in-chief of MAKE

GeorgePrice said...

Everything those guys said. I'm your new fan in Atlanta. In fact, I think I'll put you on my blogspot as well, unless you object. Your voice is wonderful (and I say that as a professional), do you have CDs?

Shelley Rickey said...

Hi George,
Thank you & Feel free to include me on your Blog!

Hi Mark,
I love Make Mag...I'll send a mail!

Little Oracle said...

found you through boingboing and, like those before me, love the song and the uke looks great! the whittling sounds like quite a chore!

and now for something completely different...

where did you get your shawl?!? love it and would love to make one of my own. any chance of a better pic or info? please?