February 8, 2009

A Public Hanging Has Never Been Such Fun!

Just recieved these photographs and video of the unveiling of my Cigarbox Ukulele last Friday Night from my buddy Walter at Galerie de Aanschouw. Ah, look how sweet!

De Aanschouw
is a very unique galerie. The smallest in Holland, maybe Europe, hell, maybe in the whole damn world. But, none the less, making a very big impact here in Rotterdam on the famous WittedeWith Street.

This was just such a night! Thanks to Walter & Frank from de Aanschouw, Norbert for showing up in his Oyster Shuckin' Gear,...

...Rinie for the Whistle Solo during 'Tonight You Belong To Me'(see video) and the great audience...you were all just swell! (By the way, our repretoire does exist out of more than one song! By coincindence, you get to here this, again...on the other hand, it is a favorite!)


WDW63 said...

Very nice blog! Thank you 2 for deze gezellige avond!

Thom said...

wow... I am absolutely loving that smokey voice of yours on this song.

...oh, and nice job with the cigar box uke!

artbot said...

Your voice is simply lovely.

And I like how people in Holland don't go all apeshit when a camera turns on them like they do in America.

Looking forward to more song posts on your blog.

Shelley Rickey said...

Hi Artbot,
Thank you for stopping by! You have a very nifty blog yourself!