March 25, 2009

Ukulele Jamboree No.6 Review

My flame, Marko & I (aka 'The Uke Box') host a Monthly Ukulele Jamboree in Rotterdam Noord at Café de Bel. The 6th edition was on March the 14th and it was absolutely mad! It was an extra special edition featuring Bram Willems, "The Beast from the East".

It was the Beasts birthday and Good Golly, what a party! He did some of his own classic tunes such as "Oh, Cheriel" and "Rukkie in Mijn Truckie in Kentucky" as well as some great covers like "Zij Gelooft In Mij" and "The Lambada" which he played with the help of a nose flute! Dude had the audience in an absolute uproar!
And, Brams LadyFriend had the audience in an uproar herself! Look at the lovely Anastasia with the gorgeous cakes she made with ukulele chords on them. Isn't she adorable! And man those cakes were some kind of yummmy...lemon. I love lemon sweets!
We even got to perform "Diep In Mijn Hart" together with "The Beast", a special request for Miss Anastasia and her parents. Look at Marko's cute little Toy Accordeon!
Before the "Beast" took the stage we had two great acts to warm up the crowd. First of all, Yvonne. It's become a kind of tradition that Yvonne opens up for us. Our good luck charm if you will. She got the crowd going with "Psycho Killer"!

Then came the great "Pieter, something-for-the-ladies, Popster"! He did a super set with such songs as "Delilah" from Tom Jones & my favorite "I Want You" by Elvis Costello.
We always start the Ukulele Jamborees with a Ukulele Intervention. This is a ukulele workshop for aspiring ukulele players. We had so many participants that we actually ran out of ukuleles...and we have a hell of a lot of ukuleles! There were quite a lot of new folks there so we taught them two Jamboree classics, "Jambalaya" and "Brandend Zand".
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We always give something away at the Ukulele Jamborees. On this night we gave away a really cool Turtle Ukulele. (Look there is an eye in it!) And the lucky winner? ED! Congrats Ed, nothing left to do but learn a few chords buddy! Ah, look how cute!

Well, it was one Hell of a Ukulele Night! Many many thanks to Everyone from Café de Bel, the Ukulele Intervention Participants, The Performers & The Audience. You guys are the greatest! Oh, and Stay Tuned for Video's!

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