March 25, 2009

Ukulele Jamboree No.6 Videos!

Okay, i know these videos are crappy quality. But, the content is so damn good you hardly notice! Here is the "Beast from the East" doing a really cool song which i wish i knew the title of. To see all of the video from the Ukulele Jamboree go to our new UkeTube Channel! And you really must take a look, you just can't miss The Beasts' version of The Lambada on nose flute, or Pieter Popsters version of "I Want You" not to mention Yvonne's "Psycho Killer". To read more about the evening scroll down to the previous post. But first, Here is The Beast, GO!


Twan said...

Hey Shelley, I did a little research because i was quite curious too. The song is called Jo!, by Fratsen. Lyrics are here:
By the way, timeless video's from a swell party! Now we can all finally start to try imitating that great sound from the beast from the east. cheers!

Shelley Rickey said...

Hi Twan!
It was a very swell party wasn't it?!
Waarschijnlijk komt er een giga ukulele party of Koninginnedag...maar dat hoor je nog wel. Ik heb je email adres al aan de mailinglist toegevoegd.
Bedankt voor de lyrics en de titel!