April 5, 2009

Appearing at Motel Mozaique with...

This is so crazy i don't even know where to start. Okay, let me explain. 1st of all there is an Arts Festival next weekend in Rotterdam starting on the 9th till the 12th of March called Motel Mozaique. Just a few weeks ago i was kicking myself for not having submitted a plan to the organization because i thought it'd be the perfect setting for us (The Uke Box). So, imagine my surprise and delight when i received a message from them asking if we could do a Ukulele Intervention. Motel Mozaique asked Us...Fantastic!

Zelfportret Harm Goslink Kuiper

In the mean time, a friend of ours, the AWESOME Harm Goslink Kuiper, asked Marko (my special ukulele friend among other things) to back him playing Mandolin & Lapsteel and such for a couple of performance for...yes, you guessed it, Motel Mozaique. So, last night while Marko & Harm were rehearsing I came down stairs and Harm was really interested to hear the Singing Saw, which i play...a little. Well i played along with a few of his songs and he loved it and asked me to join them. So WOW...2 appearances at the festival!

Okay, now here is the crazy part. One of the gigs is in the Schouwburg. (A damn cool place to play to begin with.) This morning i was looking at the festival website and i couldn't believe my eyes. Dent May, One of my most favorite ukulele players in the world will be playing on that very same night at the very same gig! I love his music, his sense of humor, his lyrics are just fantastic. Oh, and he is also from Mississippi. Is this weird or what? There are lots of performances during the festival at various locations. I mean, what are the chances? I'm absolutely flabbergasted. And, i've got a hell of a lot of practicin' to do on that damn saw!

*A Special Note from Me to Dent "Dollar Signs" May:

I saw that you were coming to Europe and tried several times to contact you but you never got in touch with me. Now you're in Rotterdam and you didn't even let me know. No sweet letter, no invitation to lunch or even a note asking to "Meet Me In The Garden". As a fellow ukulele player and Mississippian I am really very hurt. But, still yet, i adore you. See you friday!

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