April 11, 2009

Stories of Motel Mozaique

Dent May & i backstge at the Schouwburg
Wowzie! Marko & i joined "Goslink" for 2 shows during the Arts Festival, Motel Mozaique. Big Fun! Well, it was also a lot of work. Lot's of rushing around like mad, toting equipment, sound checking and waiting. But, it was well worth it. First of all, it forced me to practice the singing saw, which i haven't been playing very long. I guess the sawing went quite well considering that i don't really know what i'm doing. Marko played some of Harms Homemade instruments which also caused him a bit of anxiety. I think he played 3 or 4 different instruments and he pulled it off very nicely indeed.

Harm Goslink Kuiper is really a one-of-a-kind guy. An amazing artist. He paints, writes, builds musical instruments, does illustrations. And it all has this certain flavour. Hard to explain. It's Lo-Fi, Charming, Chaotic, Fragile, Humorous, Homemade, Beautiful, Pure & has a good doses of Hormones thrown in. The band he has with him now really bring an amazing depth to his songs. The chello is an especially beautiful addition.

There was a very big bonus to playing at this festival....I got to meet Dent May! He's a ukulele player from Mississippi & one of my favorites! Just by chance we were playing at the same venue on the same night. He was real nice. He wasn't feeling very well and came across a bit road weary. This isn't surprising. I've seen his tour schedule.

Despite this, he played fantastically. It was just him and another guy on Tombourin, Maracas & singing backup vocals. And see, this is the thing about Dent May, his vocals are absolutely amazing. And, such great songs. It was ashame that he didn't speak with the audience more though. Even though his musical performance was outstanding he didn't really grab the crowd like he could have if he would have connected a bit with them. But, screw it. I forgive him. He's incredibly talented. I like that Dent May!

Oh, and there was another bonus. In the review from '3voor12' they called me a Stylish Dame...niiiice. I must say, i had really happenin' dress on. Bought it for just 10 euro's at the 2nd hand market!

Just one more show to go on Sunday for Motel Mozaique, this time as "The Uke Box". Really looking forward to it. Big big love to Harm for asking us to join him & to his band who where all so very kind. Hope to join you again sometime. ZOEN!


Woodshed said...

Cool! How long until the Dent May and the Magnificent Uke Box collaboration?

Shelley Rickey said...

I wish!

Snowbrush said...

What fun meeting a ukulele player from Mississippi. I wish I could have been there.

Shelley Rickey said...

Hey Snowbrush!
I know...what are the chances?! (Two uke players from Mississippi being programmed on the same night in Rotterdam without it being a theme or something)Fantastic!