June 24, 2009

These Doggies (+Fleas) are going to Italy!

This weekend the Italian Ukulele Festival will be held in Vincenza. Marko & i will be performing and we will also set up 'The Jumping Flea Market'. This is our musical market stand where we sell ukuleles, toy accordeons & homemade musical gifts.

Since the Ukulele Festival in Belgium i've been very busy re-stocking our market. I've just finished up these two sock doggies and their ukuleles. Their ukes are tuned up and they are ready for the trip!

If they don't sell in Italy (surely they will, look how damn cute they are! Click on the image to ZOOM.) then they will be availble online via My Etsy Store.

*Note: Traditionally, When tuning the ukulele there is a little phrase one sings which goes like this: "My Dog Has Fleas". I have no idea where this comes from except to say that "Ukulele" means "Jumping Flea" in Hawaiian. When i was little i assumed my mom made it up.


Luke said...

Will you be coming to the first ever Irish ukulele festival?

Shelley Rickey said...

Yes, and we can't wait!

HumbleUker said...

Thanks for joining in at Humble Uker. These uke dogs are adorable and I like your art and alternate instruments. I also like vintage radios and ukulele cases.I will be back for more inspiration later.
Thanks, Jeff

Shelley Rickey said...

Hi Humbler,
Thank you! I really love your blog. Lots of great ukulele fun! I've added it to my google reader and always read all of your posts!
Take care & keep in touch,