July 1, 2009

Il Festival delle Ukulele Italia era FANTASTICO!

Just got back from the Ukulele Festival in Italy. It was so lovely! Great catching up with lots of our ole' ukulele friends and making new ones. We had big fun with Ukulelezaza & Yannik from Les Mecs du Noord. It was also really wonderful to meet Aaron Keim of Bean Sprout Banjo's and Yan Yalego. Oh, and let's talk about Miss Maria Bicchierri! She's all kinds of beautiful and boy what a voice. Her boyfriend, Remigio from "The Hot Gipsy Trio" is such a joy to watch perform. Has the biggest, most mischievous grin ever! Unfortunately at this time i have no photographs or video of these folks but i did receive these photographs today from a swell guy named Diego. This is Marko & i (The Uke Box) opening up the fest on Saturday night. Grazie Diego!
This is just a small selection of all the amazing people we experienced in Vincenza. You know what i've noticed about the uke performers, players and enthousiasts? They're such a divers and multi-talented group. Film makers, writers, artists... Seems like they are bursting with creativity and embarking on the most innovative projects. Very inspiring.

The city of Vincenza is gorgeous by the way. Many of the town buildings dating from the mid 1500's. But boy, was it hot. It was Mississippi hot. I'm just not used to the hot anymore after so many years in Holland. Thankfully, the Italians make the most delicious Gelato or Ice Cream in the world. Delicious way to cool down. There is one specialty they called a Trufffel Gelato, if i remember correctly. Chocolate ice cream and expresso. Good Golly that was yummy.

The orgnization of this festival was tops! Bravo to all the people from Aquila Corde for a wonderful event. A special "Grazie Mille" to Francesca, Mimmo, Carlo, Beppe and Daniele for the good care. I hope you're all having a good rest with your feet up and a big damn Gelato in your hand. Ciao Amigolele's!


Anonymous said...

Yor show was fantastic and I really enjoyed to take this pictures.
Hope to see you soon


Shelley Rickey said...

Thanks Diego! We had a fabulous time. Oh, and i hope your pretty lady friend enjoys the little accordeon she bought at "The Jumping Flea Market". If she ever records something with it be sure to send me a link.

Anonymous said...

ahaha she likes it very much but our cats not so much :)
Now she have to study how to play it and then we will surely record something


yannick.van.loo said...

Hi Shelley 'n' Marko, I really enjoyed hanging around with you guys, and off course with all the other fine people I've met! Hope to see you soon! ciao!

Shelley Rickey said...

Hey Yannick!
Yes, it was fun wasn't it?!!!
Let's do it again...yeah!

Carlo said...

Hi Shelley & Marco!A big big"grazie"(thanks)for your kindness and skill, and especially for the wonderful lures I received this morning!!!
It was very nice to met you.
Joy of life walk with you like the cloud of the Addams Family...
I'm sure we will meet again with a big icecream (or a Moletti!)in our hands!
Ps: excuse me again for my english...

Shelley Rickey said...

Hey Carlo!
Thanks. I hope you catch something beautiful with those Norm Baits. My dad would be so proud to have snared an Italian Fish. Thanks for everything. Oh, and we'd love to share an Ice Cream...Moletti...mmmmm!