August 31, 2009

In Harm's Way

Yesterday, our extra special musical friend, Mr. Harm "High-On-Music" Goslink, came by to do some recording. (Sorry for the "High-On-Music" part. It's an inside joke which is completely unworthy of explanation, i assure you. But, it'll make Harm giggle.)

Where was i, oh yes. Recording. Marko did a cool washtub bass line and i sawed. You know, the sawing didn't go half bad. (I'm new to sawing) I listened to the tracks this morning and was pleasantly surprised. Anyway, we had fun while recording what is sure to be Harms Big-Ass-Blockbuster Hit, in a record store near you sometime next year.

And it could happen you know...Harm is an incredibly talented and truly original dude. Here he is with friends playing his absolutely wonderful homemade instruments constructed mostly of fruit crates. Take it away Harmpie!

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