September 20, 2009

Tin Can Microphone!

This is one of the most swell gifts i've ever received. It was given to me by Rikke. It's a microphone made from a tomato-puree tin can! He made it himself. Isn't it the cutest little microphone you've ever seen ever?!! Rikke is a very interesting guy. I don't know him very well but what i do know is that he plays guitar, banjo and probably lots of other stuff i don't know about and he has a great voice to boot. You hear lots of folks trying to play the old timey stuff. Sometimes they're good at it technically but quite often they just don't have know what i mean? But Rikke, he's definately got it. Great style. He usually performs with Elma who plays divers instruments as well and sings like an angel. I hope we get to know each other better. I'd love to sing low harmonies with them or do some washtubbin!

Back to the tin-can microphone... I haven't tried it out yet but i'm thinkin' that it's going to have a really cool 1920's kind of sound. We've got a couple of songs where this kind of sound would be just the thing! Rikke said you can also tap on it too and get a pretty cool percussion out of it. NEATO! Thanks Rikke, so incredibly kind of you. One of the neatest gifts ever & wrapped in Jack Daniels're my kind of guy. I just love it! & Here is a picture of me looking goofy-er than ever just to prove it...


Mark said...

Wow! that's cool! let us know how it sounds.

Davo said...

I love it!

I am looking at making one for my Jug Band. I want so bad to hear how it sounds.

Shelley Rickey said...

Hi Guys,
Isn't it great!
&, There are more mics to come. Rikke is making a special series for me which will be available in "The Jumping Flea Market" (a market full of musical curiosities and wonders, hopefully online mid November) They will all be presented with a 'sound bite' so that you can have a listen.

Shelley Rickey said...

Davo, i looked at your blog expecting to find the jug band. Where is it? I love Jug Bands. I want to hear it.